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Brynn Byrne 

Writer. Podcaster. Clever Lady.



Brynn is a multidisciplinary storyteller. In addition to screenwriting, she has written prose as well as dynamic marketing copy, blogs, and other web-based content. 

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Media Work

Brynn has worked in Film and Television in a variety of roles. Brynn Byrne on IMDB

Brynn is the proud co-founder of Late Bloom Media, a boutique production company based in Toronto, Ontario. This collective of storytellers and media creators includes Brynn Byrne and creative partners Aaron Yeger and Sarah Jackson. Together they craft meaningful and earnest creative media content including the short film Unlicensed

which has been selected for CBC's Canadian Reflections programming.


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That Was a Show? The Podcast was co-created and is hosted by Brynn Byrne, along with Aaron Yeger and Andrew "Barry" Helmer, this podcast takes a deep dive into the often shallow waters of sitcoms of the 80s and 90s. The twist is, that their focus is on failed and forgotten sitcoms from the era!


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Media Work




Launched in 2020, this is the space where Brynn writes about pop culture and its inevitable interference in her life.

About Brynn

But who is she really?

Brynn Byrne is a Toronto based writer and podcaster known for her unique brand of whimsical, irreverent feminist storytelling. Underdog tales, self-deprecating humour, and slices of surrealism are other hallmarks of Brynn’s creative works. She writes character driven film and television that explore the complex, emotional and often silly aspects of the human condition. Brynn’s childhood boredom in rural Essex County, Ontario led to an overactive imagination and an unhealthy obsession with movies television and pop culture. Brynn finally left the farm in 2008 for Toronto and continued to hone her skills. Her knack for comedy earned her a mentorship via Humber College with David Flaherty (SCTV, Maniac Mansion). Most recently Brynn’s unique voice and storytelling earned her the John Frizzell award for achievement in screenwriting. Thanks to her work on her original comedy Kara Takes Crunchtown!, Brynn was able to earn a Netflix- Banff Diversity of Voices fellowship for the 2019 Banff World Media Festival. When Brynn isn’t writing, she can be found jogging in circles in High Park or singing show tunes to her cat Gizmo.


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Brynn is great to work with! Her skills and insights will make a unique impact on your brand or project.

Script Writing. Copywriting. Blogging. Content Writing.

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