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So I Made a Vision Board…

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I never thought I would embrace this type of new age-y activity but 2020 has been full of “I never thought _______” moments and actions so why not?

In the before times I don't think I would have ever tried to construct a vision board. I'm generally a skeptic when it comes to things like manifestation.

Vision boards and manifestation come from the movement(?) or philosophy(?) of the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction has its share of both fans and detractors. This article from Psychology Today presents many valid arguments against these practices.

So why did I make a board? I was bored.

During the Winter, or rather YEAR of our discontent, like so many others I have spent 95% of my time indoors. I've learned that you can only watch so much Netflix (that's coming from an admitted TV addict) and at a certain point you need to mix it up and try new activities. I have also felt like I needed a new approach to goal setting.

My opinion about vision boards (and a long list of other things) has changed this year. I was compelled to whip out my glue stick when I started listening to the hilarious and joyous works of comedian Ron Funches. Ron as it turns out, is the king of vision boards. He deeply enjoys the process but ultimately doesn't take it too seriously.

In his trademark fashion, Ron Funches talks earnestly about his relationship with vision boards. He sees them as a way to clarify what your goals are, whether personal or professional. The vision board helps you focus your actions and personal and professional development efforts.

Ron's take on the vision board practice strips away a sense of entitlement. Ultimately it is a tool of empowerment and not a means to magically create success and happiness out of nowhere.

He jokes around about his experiences where certain goals haven't worked out. I can't help but chuckle when I re-watch this YouTube video from the beginning of the year where Ron holds a vision board party.

I would love to know how his Vision Board evolved throughout this tumultuous year!

In creating my own vision board I definitely adopted Ron's no pressure approach. I treated it as a fun creative activity to inspire my work. At the end of the day, if my vision board items don't come to fruition, I haven't really lost anything.

My life's journey and meaning will not be determined solely by paper and glue.

Here is my attempt at the V-Board:

As I sit here at my desk writing, pitching, and grabbing at straws, I glance up at this vision board… this kitschy collage and remember WHY I do the things I do.

The thing that creeps me out is that it seems to actually be working. At least two of the things symbolized on the board have actually happened, sort of. Thanks Ron!

If a vision board isn't for you Dear Reader, just do yourself a favour and listen to Ron Funches' comedy and podcasts. Check out his Patreon page!

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